Unpleasant road accidents never come with a warning. Incidents involving a heavy vehicle turning over on a sharp turn or an engine breakdown in the middle of nowhere can never be foreseen. These are examples of situations where you might need the assistance of a reliable towing company. If a small, regular vehicle breaks down, you can contact any towing service for help. However, the case with heavy-duty vehicles is slightly different.

Since heavy-duty vehicles are huge in size and insanely heavy in weight, a regular towing truck is not suitable for the job. What you’ll need in case your heavy-duty vehicle breaks down is a reliable heavy-duty towing service. If you own a heavy-duty vehicle, having the contact of a heavy-duty towing company on your phone is a smart, precautionary measure. If you want to know which types of vehicles will need the services of a heavy-duty towing company, continue reading this blog post.

1. Trailers and Semi Trucks

If you have a single-axle trailer or a semi-truck that is caught in an emergency, you will need to call heavy-duty towing services because trailers and semi-trucks are heavy-duty vehicles themselves. A towing company that specializes in towing heavy-duty vehicles will ensure that your semi-truck or trailer is towed efficiently.

2. Extreme Vehicles

Extreme vehicles are the ones that have 6 or more wheels or roll on tracks. These include large garbage trucks, big rigs, and bobtails. If you own an extreme vehicle, you cannot avoid calling a heavy-duty towing company for their on-site assistance. This type of towing makes sure that all possible risks of damage are avoided and that the vehicle is towed safely to the workshop.

3. Buses

Have you ever seen people trying to push a bus that has had a flat tire or has broken down in the middle of the road? Well, pushing a bus is just not possible. Buses are huge vehicles that can only be towed using heavy-duty towing equipment. If your bus has broken down and it won’t start, no matter how much you try, you are left with no option other than to call a towing company for their heavy-duty towing services.

4. Motor-homes

Like any other vehicle, motor-homes can break down while on the road. You will need a heavy-duty to a very heavy-duty towing service to tow a motor-home. Motor-homes have a very complex shape and are quite big, due to which only a highly skilled and professional towing company will be able to tow them. Only heavy-duty towing service providers will have the license to tow heavy-duty vehicles such as motor-homes and will be equipped with features to do the job right.

5. Vehicles That Have Met An Accident

You may assume by the name that only heavy-duty vehicles will need services of a heavy-duty towing company, but that is not the case every time. Sometimes, vehicles that have met an accident are completely wrecked and cannot be towed by regular towing equipment. In such a case, you will need to call a heavy-duty towing company for their services.


If you own a heavy-duty vehicle like a trailer, truck, bus, or a motor-home, you will need heavy-duty towing services because these heavy vehicles cannot be towed by regular towing equipment.