Undergoing car issues while on the road can be incredibly stressful. Before embarking on a journey, do take some time out to understand what car issues you will be able to handle yourself and when you will require a towing service. If you are informed, you will be able to make the decision easily.

Let’s look at different situations in which calling a towing service for help vs DIY handling is required.

Unknown Location

If you are in an unknown location and your car breaks down, you must call for help immediately. Being far away from home into unfamiliar territory is unsafe for you and your car. However, it also depends on where you have broken down. If you are on an empty road in the daytime and you know what the problem is, sure you can carry out roadside repairs. But if you are on a busy highway, you need to call the tow truck for help immediately. This is the safer option as oncoming vehicles might not see you in a rush.

Weather Conditions are Unsafe

Suppose the weather conditions are unsafe; it’s better to call a towing service for help. Storms and roadside repairs are not the best combinations. Bad weather conditions such as heavy rainfall and snowstorms also decrease your visibility to other oncoming vehicles. Extreme weather such as sandstorms, snowstorms, and hailstones can also harm your health. Even if it’s not a busy road and you can conduct roadside repairs, it’s still more efficient to call a towing company for assistance.

You Don’t Have Tools or Experience

It’s best to let the professionals handle a car-related issue if you don’t have the right tools or necessary experience. It’s also easier to get a quick fix from a tow truck instead of doing it yourself without the right equipment. Also, towing a car can be a complicated task. Towing your car unprofessionally can damage your car and be hazardous to other vehicles on the road.

What Exactly is the Problem?

The exact nature of the problem will determine whether calling a towing service for help vs DIY handling is required. Some car issues are a lot more complex than others. A flat tire may seem a common issue that can be self-handled if you have the right tools and knowledge. But if you don’t have the expertise, it’s best to call a tow company. For example, you should know to always change the tire on the roadside and never on a busy highway. Instead of risking another vehicle colliding into yours, why not call a towing service for help.


At times picking the right towing company can also be a challenge. The best strategy is to pick a company with years of experience, and their office location is accessible to you. If in the middle of a breakdown in an unknown location, always wait in a safe location for the tow truck to appear. Also, impart clear instructions of your whereabouts so the tow truck can reach you timely and safely.