People all around the world call professional towing truck services for multiple reasons. Some common reasons include when a vehicle meets with an accident or runs out of gas/electric charge, or when the weather conditions cause the vehicle’s engine to seize

 Calling a tow truck company is not a big task. All you have to do is contact your local professional towing truck service, explain to them your particular situation, communicate your location details and wait for the professionals to come to you. The time a towing service will take to rescue you and your vehicle will depend on where you are stranded.

Every car owner needs to know about the dos and don’ts of waiting for a towing truck to arrive. These tips can help ensure the safety of driver, the broken-down vehicle, and all the other vehicles passing by.

Continue reading below to learn about all the things you need to do while waiting for a tow truck service to come to you.

Dos and Don’ts While Waiting for a Tow Truck Service

DO Keep Your Vehicle’s Hazard Lights On

Every vehicle has a button or switch to turn on its hazard lights. These lights help signal and alert all the other passing vehicles regarding your situation. In case your car has broken down in the middle of the road, the hazard lights will give other vehicles the appropriate reaction time to slow down and avoid crashing into your car.

Moreover, the hazard lights will help the tow truck company locate you and your vehicle easily.

DON’T Keep Your Vehicle’s Heater on with the Windows Rolled Up

This is a common mistake made by many people, which has led to many fatalities. People waiting for help while being started in a snowstorm or the rain tend to keep their car heaters on and roll up their windows. Doing so causes carbon monoxide to accumulate inside the car.

This gas causes the passengers to feel dizzy and fall asleep. Eventually, the carbon monoxide builds up in the passengers’ blood and leads to their death.

Hence, even if you have to turn on your car’s heaters due to the outside weather, remember to roll the windows down a little bit to prevent carbon monoxide accumulation.

DO Keep Your Car Locked from the Inside

Unfortunately, people stranded in their immobile cars become easy targets for burglars and thieves. They are aware that you will not be able to make a run for it.

Hence, while waiting for the tow truck service, stay inside your car and lock it from the inside. In case you notice a suspicious person approaching you, you can call the police or honk your car’s horn to bring the attention of other vehicles to yourself.

Final Thoughts

Following the tips mentioned above can ensure your and your vehicle’s safety as you wait for roadside assistance to rescue you. Remember to keep an extra charged power bank in your car at all times to make sure your mobile phone does not run out of battery during the waiting process.