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If you are looking for a towing service in South Jordan which provides reliable and timely assistance when you need it most, you are at the right place.


South Jordan Towing is a premier towing service provider in South Jordan, Utah. Vehicle towing is made easy with the quick and hassle-free towing service that South Jordan Towing offers. All our services are fully insured and licensed. You can give us a call any time in case you are locked out of your car or if you require emergency roadside assistance in South Jordan, Utah.

We know that you only require a tow truck in unforeseen circumstances which can prove to be quite stressful for you. This is the reason we want to provide a solution for your difficulty by offering quality towing services at highly affordable rates. Our competitive pricing policy allows us to pass on the savings to you. We service the whole of South Jordan so you can call us out to any location for towing your vehicle any time of the day.

You will never regret your decision, we promise!


If you are asking why you should go for South Jordan towing service over other the other service providers, here are a few reasons to make the choice easy for you:

Customer-centric service

We always keep the requirements of our customers in mind. You can see the difference from the first step itself when you call us out to tow your vehicle. We make sure that we reach your location within 30 minutes of your call. You can experience firsthand the kind of training that we provide to our staff with regard to the operation of our state-of-the art towing equipment.


Reliable towing service

You can depend on us to deliver in any situation. We go out of the way to serve our customers in the best way possible. Whatever assistance you require, we are here to provide it. We show up on time every time. You can be assured that your vehicle will receive the best treatment and care and you will get it back in perfect condition.


Experienced staff

Every vehicle requires a specific towing method and the use of correct implements. Our staff is thoroughly acquainted with all the techniques of towing. Within minutes of reaching your location, our technicians can determine which method can work best for your vehicle. There are certain vehicles which need to be handled with utmost care. If the towing company that you hire does not have sufficient experience, your vehicle can develop dents and scratches which can add unexpected repair expenses to towing charges. So it’s important to choose a company with some experience.


Top notch equipment

We never compromise with the quality of service that we provide. This includes the equipment that we use along with the onsite repair work. Half the job is done if the equipment is right. We only make use of sturdy, heavy duty equipment to tow your vehicles to ensure its complete safety. We also go the extra mile by maintaining our equipment and tow trucks so that we can provide you with fast and constant towing service in South Jordan. With the help of superior equipment, we finish the work at hand in an efficient and time-bound manner.

Now that you are aware of the multiple ways in which you can benefit by hiring our service, let us move on to the types of services that you can expect from us:


roadside assistance south jordan utah

South Jordan Towing is the trusted provider for all your vehicle assistance requirements. We provide emergency roadside assistance service in South Jordan, Utah throughout the day and night. You can rest easy knowing that there's someone looking out for you when you are traveling. Our superfast and affordable roadside assistance service includes breakdown coverage for flat tires, low fuel and car lockout. We also jumpstart vehicles and pull out automobiles which are stuck in the snow. In case of a mechanical failure, we offer repair services to restore the vehicles to perfect working condition.

Call us for emergency roadside assistance in South Jordan any time!


car lockout service south jordan utah

Isn't it frustrating when you are locked out of your own car? When this happens, you require a reliable car lockout service provider who can come to your rescue. It is not advisable to make an attempt to open your vehicle yourself because it can get damaged. South Jordan Towing provides professional car lockout service to restore your access to the vehicle within a short time. Why should you let a simple mistake of leaving your keys in the car spoil your day? We are here to help you get rid of this problem in a convenient and cost-effective manner.

Try our car lockout service in South Jordan the next time you find yourself in a fix!


tire change service south jordan utah

A flat tire is the most annoying thing to happen while you are traveling. The worst part is that you have no control over it. It can happen anywhere without notice. Don't you think that it is a big hassle to change tires in the middle of the road? Changing tires is strenuous when you are not used to doing it frequently. Why do the dirty work yourself? There's no need to take the risk of making a mistake while replacing a tire. Just contact South Jordan Towing whenever you require professional tire changing service in South Jordan, Utah. Our tow truck operator can come immediately to solve the issue.

Call South Jordan Towing without hesitation for tire changes in South Jordan, UT!


jump start service south jordan utah

Jump starting cars is a part of the roadside assistance service provided by us. We offer this service for all kinds of automobiles. Jump starting becomes necessary when the vehicle's battery gives up and you need to restart the vehicle for a short while. When you give us a call for jump start service in South Jordan, our technicians arrive at your location within a short time to do the needful. After jumping cables, the technician starts the car and checks the battery condition and charging system to find out whether anything needs to be replaced. Even if your vehicle is a heavy one, our technicians are trained to jump start the dead battery with high capacity generators. Jump starting needs to be done carefully to avoid battery explosion.

Select South Jordan Towing to receive professional jump starting service in South Jordan, UT!


fuel delivery service south jordan utah

Are you looking for a reliable and prompt fuel delivery service provider in South Jordan? South Jordan Towing is the best option to procure enough fuel to get to your destination or at least the closest gas station. It can so happen that sometimes you may underestimate your fuel requirements when you are stuck in traffic. You are not allowed to carry gasoline in containers because it is unsafe. So what's the next best solution? Call South Jordan Towing for punctual fuel delivery service with proper equipment.

Get in touch with us when you need this service in South Jordan, Utah!


motorcycle towing south jordan utah

Motorcycles are the easiest mode of conveyance and ideal for those who travel to work every day. However, like any other machine, bikes also deteriorate with time. This change is not evident but it happens gradually. You may not understand what's wrong with your motorcycle when it suddenly stops in the middle of the road. If this happens, the next step is to reach out to South Jordan Towing.  We are the go-to motorcycle towing company in South Jordan with a team of experts who provide roadside assistance for motorcycle towing. You can be sure that your motorcycle will receive the best treatment from our technicians whenever you hire our service.

Give us a call if you or anyone you know requires emergency motorcycle towing service in South Jordan, Utah!


heavy duty towing south jordan utah

Big vehicles are difficult to tow compared to lighter ones. South Jordan Towing specializes in heavy duty towing. We have the necessary experience, expertise and equipment to make this task simple and streamlined. Whether it is a tractor or a trailer that you need to move, we are here to offer quality heavy duty towing service. We also tow school buses, fire trucks and bobcats and police vehicles by making use of heavy duty tow trucks. If your vehicle is big, it does not mean that it cannot fall into disrepair. When you face an issue with such a vehicle, call South Jordan Towing to receive immediate heavy duty towing service and get your vehicle back into working condition in no time.

Give us a call for professional towing services today!

Hire South Jordan Towing for any of the above services and receive timely, efficient and accurate results every time.

And Many More Towing Services!

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Hire South Jordan Towing for any of the above services and receive timely, efficient and accurate results every time.




Accidents and vehicular malfunctions make it difficult for the people of South Jordan, Utah to reach their destinations on time. Even seasoned drivers are sometimes unable to tackle the challenges posed by the roadways. This is where tow trucks come in handy.

  • A tow truck comes with equipment like hooks, flatbeds, hoist, chains and boom which can expedite the process of towing.
  • Like all other cities in the US, South Jordan has its fair share of vehicular mishaps which require instant action in the form of towing assistance to clear the road and deliver the vehicle to a repair shop safely.
  • Simple issues like non-responsive batteries and low fuel levels can be easily handled by a towing company. People get rapid on-site assistance whenever they need it.
  • Notwithstanding the size of the vehicle or the magnitude of the problem, a towing company can deal with it efficiently.


There's no need to hesitate in hiring professional towing services to avoid expenses. South Jordan Towing is here to make towing affordable and available for everyone!

Don't forget to contact South Jordan Towing for all your towing needs. There is a large fleet of tow trucks waiting to meet your requirements!