Driving in snow is something not everyone can do. You should avoid driving during the snow season, especially if you aren’t a seasoned driver. However, you can get stuck in the snow even if you’re an expert driver. The fear of getting stuck in the snow is one of the biggest fears and challenges that drivers dread. Staying home is recommended, but at times, you don’t have an option but to leave home for work, emergency, or any reason whatsoever.

If you were on the road for whatever reason and have met the unfortunate accident of having your car stuck in the snow, we understand how stressed and panicky you may be feeling. And it’s understandable too. But fret not. Panicking won’t help. We’ve listed tips that will help in such a situation.

Clear Snow from the Exhaust Pipe

Your car won’t start if there’s snow choking the exhaust pipe. If your car is stuck in the snow, the first thing that you should be doing is clearing snow from the exhaust pipe by hand.

Remove Snow Around the Tires

You should always have a shovel in your car’s trunk for emergencies like these. Once you’ve cleared the snow from the exhaust pipe, use a shovel to remove the snow from around the tires. Depending on whether you want to reverse the car or move forward, you’ll have to clear the snow from the route and from between the front and rear tires to make space for the tires to move and glide.

Start the Car

Don’t hit the accelerator as soon as you start the car as you see in the Fast and Furious movie series. That’ll only dig the tires deeper in the snow. Start the car and accelerate on the lowest gear. We recommend you disengage the traction control system.

Rock the Car Back and Forth

Don’t expect your car to start moving forward the moment you hit the accelerator. You’ll have to rock your car back and forth to loosen the snow around the tires. Do it for a while till you feel the car moving with greater ease. It’s a sign that the snow around the tires has loosened, and now you can try moving forward or in reverse, as you like.

Call for Help

If you think you can’t pull your car out of snow yourself or there’s not enough help available nearby, you shouldn’t wait to call a towing service. You wouldn’t need the services of any towing company here, but you need to call a towing company that offers winch-out towing services. The company will send help with all the relevant tools and equipment needed to take your car safely out of snow.

If you’re alone and far away from home, you shouldn’t waste any time trying to pull your car out of snow yourself. Call a towing company right away and have them help you.