Who doesn’t love splashing water with their tires as the car speeds on, trundling under the soaking downpour? Besides, it makes an incredible sight, full of drama and thrill, for the onlookers. But all this excitement of driving in the rain must be experienced without compromising on the proper on-road protocol of the rainy weather; otherwise, it can lead to an unpleasant incident. Many people forget to focus on staying safe; throw caution out the window in the amusement of it all, and run into a devastating accident.

According to the stats, on average, 5000 people die, and over 428000 are injured because of weather-related crashes. And out of those, approximately 70% of the cases happen on wet pavement and 46% during rainfall. The staggering traffic accident statistics demonstrate the harrowing impact weather can have on cars on the road. While there is little one can do to fight the natural elements, a person can minimize the chances of hurting themselves or others while driving by being careful.

If you wish to be a responsible driver, then you must abide by the following driving tips to weather heavy rain when behind the wheels.

Check Your Car Equipment Before Revving Up The Engine

If you get in your car when the clouds have already begun showering, don’t start your journey until you have checked all the essential equipment, such as the headlights, windshield wipers, and taillights. Once you’re sure that everything is working just fine, only then steer your car forward.

But if you are already on the road when it starts to rain, you might not get the chance to check the equipment. So, during the monsoon season, to be on the safe side, always hit the road after making sure that your car is perfectly safe to whizz about in the rain.

Slow Down

As much as the adventurist in you would be shouting you to press on the gas pedal with all your might, don’t listen to them. Indeed, speeding through under downpour is too enticing to give up, but it can be dangerous for not just you but also the fellow drivers on the road. Therefore, don’t go crazy with the throttling and tone your excitement down a few notches. Once the rain slows down, and you begin to feel confident again on the road, then you can hit the gas with full force if you want.

Maintain A Considerable Distance Between Cars

One of the most commonly committed car blunders is tailgating other cars. Even if it’s not done out of malice, it can undoubtedly lead to unnecessary trouble. Therefore, be sure to have a safe distance between your vehicle and the others.

If you don’t do that, you might have to press on the brake immediately, which might be difficult because of the rain. In those circumstances, to avoid bumping into the vehicle ahead.

Nobody is asking you to give up the joy of riding a car during the rain but just remember to stay safe and follow the right protocol. And if you still face some roadside trouble, call a reliable towing company right away.