April showers bring in the spring, but they can lead to many driving dangers. An expert tow organization sees an increase in calls after automobile accidents whenever it rains. To ensure that you stay safe on the roads while driving, professional towers have developed a few notable guidelines to stay safe whilst using inside the rain.

Stay Careful

Staying alert always is a big aspect of car safety. On the road, there are a lot of things taking place, such as traffic, drivers on their phones, and other dangers that you constantly need to stay alert of. While drivers should be cautious all the time while driving, you should be even more careful when it is raining. Reduce the car’s speed and stay focused on the road. Avoid any sharp turns or suddenly pushing down on the brakes. Doing this may send your car spinning, which can be quite dangerous.

Distance from the Car in Front of You

The gap between your car and the one you are driving behind needs to be enough to protect the vehicle in case of an emergency. Usually, you must have a distance of two seconds between you and the automobile in front of you. This means that if the car in front of you passes a stop sign, you shouldn’t bypass it for a minimum of 2 seconds. Wet road surfaces require even more distance. If the automobile you are driving behind breaks suddenly, you won’t be able to stop in time if the distance isn’t far enough. You will end up needing a tow to get out of the situation.


Hydroplaning takes place when cars moving at high speed go over the water molecules on the road’s surface. The wheels can completely lift off from the road and slip on the water, which will make the diver lose control over the car. This occurs when you slam on the brakes on a moist road or drive on a puddle at a speed of 35 miles an hour or more. Keeping the speed low can help to reduce the danger of hydroplaning. Make sure that your tires have enough air before heading out on the street during heavy rains as well.


Rainstorms create visibility problems for the drivers. If you can’t properly see what is happening on the road or the different vehicles, you face an increased risk of accidents that will require a professional tower. Make sure that your headlight is on but avoid putting it on high beams. Your headlights can improve the visibility levels, but high beams make the light bounce on the raindrops, which can reduce visibility.

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