For many road users, a motorbike ride is not the safest option for the commute. The two-wheeler is often avoided by people who feel safer in a covered car with a seat belt strapped across their body. This doesn’t imply, in any way, that there aren’t motorbike users in America.

Take a look of your street and you will find several motorcyclists on the road. But sometimes a short ride on the vehicle turns dangerous. If you happen to be riding on a motorbike in the rain, you are at great risk.

In this article, we’ll have a look at the factors that may contribute towards making your journey even more difficult. As a general rule, always remember to call for roadside assistance in case you encounter any trouble while driving in the rain. Besides this, you should always exercise caution when driving in extreme weather conditions.

1. Drive Slowly

Driving in the rain is quite difficult. With water on the road, the chances of a slip are quite high. Also, when you are on a motorbike, you are directly under the rain. Heavy showers make it difficult for people to drive carefully on the road. For safety purposes, drive your vehicle slowly.

2. Maintenance of the Vehicle

Motorbikes have an open chain system. These chains require regular oiling and cleaning. If the vehicle is deprived of regular maintenance, it can pose problems during extreme weather conditions. When the chain comes in contact with water, the mixture of oil and water becomes a magnet that attracts dust to the system, creating problems in the smooth running of the motorbike.

3. Water Entering Into the Engine

When exposed to the rain, the motorbike doesn’t have any way to avoid water from entering into its engine. This will cause your motorbike to stop midway.

What to Do When Your Motorbike Breaks Down in the Rain

1. Pull Over Safely

If you are facing the problem of a broken-down vehicle, the first thing that you should do is to park somewhere safe. It is not safe to wait for assistance in the middle of the road while being exposed to the incoming traffic.

2. Don’t Start the Bike

There is a possibility that your engine is not working because of rainwater inside it. This water can also cause a spark in your bike after meddling with the wiring of the engine. To prevent any kind of untoward incident and more damage to your bike, it is better to just patiently wait for help without trying to start the motorbike every other minute.


Motorbikes carry a big risk with them and people who ride are always advised to take more precautions than a car driver. In the rain, it is difficult to control the vehicle as the person can lose the grip over the handle because of the rain. For safety purposes, try not to ride on a bike in the rain. But, if it is unavoidable, always take safety measures when setting out.