Motorcycle breakdowns can happen at the most inconvenient times, and no matter how well-maintained your motorcycle is, you can do nothing to prevent it. The experience can be terrifying, especially if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere, with no help in sight. In such situations, it’s best to be prepared and know minor repair solutions.

In this article, we will discuss how to prepare for a motorcycle breakdown and why you need to keep the contact info of a local South Jordan towing on hand.

Stop and Stay Visible

What to do in a motorcycle breakdown? Stop at a safe spot. If your motorcycle has broken down in a commercial area or the motorway, get out of harm’s way and secure yourself and your bike away from the oncoming traffic. Then use hazard lights, taillights, or whatever you have on hand to stay visible so that help can arrive.

Don’t Panic

We know this is a scary situation, but don’t panic just yet. After stopping your motorcycle, assess your situation and see what the problem is. Did you run out of fuel? Is the engine dead? Do you have a flat tire? Once the problem is identified, ask yourself if it can be fixed with a repair kit or you need professional assistance? This will help you control the situation and choose the best course of action.

Keep a Repair Kit

You can’t reach out to South Jordan towing services anytime there is a minor issue with your motorcycle. When out on the road, you need to learn how to fix minor problems and save money on repairs. You can carry a motorcycle repair kit with you whenever you travel to avoid any hassle. This kit includes a tire inflator, jump leads, puncture kit, tool kit, charger, etc.

Wear Reflector Clothing

Another way to prepare for a motorcycle breakdown is by wearing reflective clothing. This safety tip might seem excessive but it comes in handy when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere at night. Without proper reflective gear and clothing, accidents can occur. Thus, add reflective stickers over your bike, wear reflective clothing, a reflective helmet, etc.

Towing Company Contact Info

If your repair kit is of no use, how can you prepare for a motorcycle breakdown? Always keep your trusted South Jordon towing company contact saved in your phone. Provide towing companies with exact details of your location, the problem you are facing, and what tools you have on hand. Towing service providers can reach your destination quickly, provide efficient and affordable motorcycle repair services, and get you home safely.

Now that you know what to do in a motorcycle breakdown, you will be prepared beforehand for any situation. The only way to prevent frequent breakdowns is to keep your bike well-maintained, perform routine check-ups, keep a repair kit, and carry extra fuel before you go out on your journey. By choosing the best South Jordan towing service providers, you can reach home safely without any hassle.