Flatbed towing is a type of car tow that involves moving the car from one point to another. This type of movement is performed through a specialized truck that has a flatbed (hence the name) in the rear. You have probably seen a flatbed car truck on your way or if you were stranded on the road and hired tow services. Today, flatbed car trucks are a common vehicle, but the question is – why should you hire a flatbed truck or when should you hire a flatbed truck instead of a trailer? Continue reading this post to learn all the significant details you should know about flatbed car towing!

Benefits of Flatbed Tow Truck Services

Many people don’t know it, but hiring a flatbed tow truck can offer many advantages. Some of them are discussed below:

1. Prevent Car Damage

Contrary to the traditional method of vehicle towing, where a vehicle’s wheels remain in contact with the ground when transporting, flatbed car towing makes sure that the wheels are placed on a proper surface – the flat platform of the truck.

Plus, in a conventional towing technique, a tow truck with a hook and chain is used. But that’s not the case with a flatbed tow truck service.

2. Saves a Lot of Time

In dolly services, professionals have to first remove the driveshaft, which can take some time. This is usually done to prevent vehicle damage. However, flatbed truck towing is far easier and quicker. Professionals don’t need to remove any car part to transfer the car onto the truck’s platform.

3. Offers Greater Road Safety

Flatbed trucks are the safest option when it comes to transporting towed cars. The vehicle is neatly strapped on the tow truck to avoid any incident when the truck is moving on the road.

 When You Should Tow with a Flatbed Truck

It can be quite a dilemma to decide whether to go for a flatbed truck or a trailer. Keep in mind that a trailer involves towing the vehicle with a hook. On the other hand, in flatbed towing, the vehicle is placed on a sturdy flatbed platform (attached to the backside of the truck) for transportation. You should consider a flatbed tow truck to ensure the safety of your car.

 Since the towing requires no special adjustments to the truck’s powertrain, it won’t suffer from any wear and tear. This option is great for classic or luxury cars. If you have recently bought an expensive car and want to maintain its condition, opt for a flatbed towing truck service. However, you must know that flatbed truck services are slightly more expensive than dolly services. So, if you can bear the additional charges, then it’s a good idea to tow your car with a flatbed truck.


Flatbed car towing is the best option if you’re looking to have your car towed safely. It is also time-saving. However, it is slightly more expensive than normal dolly towing, so you need to keep that in mind when opting for it.