It is not unusual for a car to break down somewhere without any warning. Every day, a large number of individuals experience such scenarios. When your breaks down like this, you may find yourself wondering, “What do I do now?” or “Can this day be any worse?” To be honest, what you should really be doing with your time is phoning a professional towing firm.

While a towing firm may assist you with your car, it can also cause harm if you don’t take the necessary precautions. As a result, you should consider making certain changes to your car so that it does not sustain any more damage.

Whether you’re wondering if a tow truck may harm your automobile, the answer is no -unless you fail to take the required safeguards.

You Must Take These Precautions to Protect Your Vehicle

If you wish to keep your automobile from being damaged by towing, implement the precautions mentioned below:

Remove the ‘Emergency Brake’ Lever

If you use the brakes while your vehicle is getting towed, you risk ruining it. Consider releasing the brake if you want to keep your automobile safe. This guarantees that the vehicle is safe to tow while also safeguarding your brakes from harm. Your car must have two wheels running on the road in order for this to happen. The non-driving wheels must be on the ground below if your car is being towed in a park. If the gearbox is automatic, you should definitely make sure to take this step. When the emergency brakes are turned off in a manual automobile, any wheel might be on the ground.

Close the Windows

If the windows really aren’t sealed, dust and grime from the towing and tow truck might easily enter your car. This might make the interior of your car a shambles.

Take Pictures

If your car is destroyed despite taking all measures, you might seek compensation from the towing firm. However, you must be able to demonstrate that the harm was caused by their carelessness. Take before and after shots of your car, i.e., before and after the towing, to do this.

In Conclusion

Even while towing is designed to rescue your automobile in a variety of situations, it may occasionally cause harm. As a result, follow the procedures outlined above to safeguard your car. If you really want to avoid damage, we recommend going to an experienced towing company that has trained professionals to manage your car.

South Jordan Towing has a team of professionals that can take care of the car in such a way that no damage occurs. We guarantee that you will not have any problems when you hire us!