Towing companies often get a bad reputation despite the fact that they offer invaluable emergency roadside assistance. The truth is, a lot of people who spread false stereotypes and misconceptions are often those who haven’t used a towing service in their life. Let’s take a look at some of the top myths about towing companies and bust them.

Towing Companies Only Tow

A lot of people labor under the misconception that towing companies only drag away illegally parked vehicles. The truth is that towing companies offer roadside assistance to many people who suffer from broken-down vehicles and are left stranded on the road. In addition, they provide a range of other services like fuel delivery and vehicle jump starting.

Towing Companies Don’t Tow Large or Unique Vehicles

A lot of people think that towing companies only offer services to regular sedans and SUVs. However, towing companies specialize in providing assistance to a large number of vehicles for campers, RVs, and even semi-trucks. In fact, they also provide special attention when it comes to specialty vehicles like exotic, sports, and antique cars.

Towing Companies Cost Too Much

If you consider the equipment they use, the expensive vehicle they maintain, the often long distances they travel to get to you, and the effort they go through to get you out of trouble, towing companies don’t cost that much. In fact, a lot of people who are stranded on the road are willing to pay more than that to get a stress-free experience when it comes to car troubles.

Towing Trucks Take Time

Towing companies prioritize fast arrival times and efficient service. This is extremely important for people who find themselves stranded on the side of the road in a remote place, in dangerous areas, and in poor weather. At South Jordan Towing, we take great pride in quickly arriving at your place and ensuring that you get personalized service at the exact location of your vehicle.

Towing Companies Can’t Reach Rural Areas

If you are stranded in a remote area far from civilization, you might think that a towing company won’t be able to come to your rescue in such a far-away area. However, this is one of the major reasons why towing companies are formed and they will make sure to reach you no matter where you are. However, the charges may vary depending on where you are stranded but the relief you will feel when you see a towing truck coming to your rescue will be worth it.

Towing Can Damage Your Car

For some people, their major concern is that their car may become damaged when it is being towed. However, at South Jordan Towing, we are professionals and are dedicated to making sure your car suffers no damage. We will take the utmost care when it comes to transporting your vehicle from one place to another.

If you are having car troubles, South Jordan Towing in Utah can offer you quick, hassle-free, and affordable towing services. Visit us at or call us at 801-474-7937 to book our service.