Do you know that your driving habits can affect the performance and life of your vehicle? Yes, you read it right!

While many problems are the result of regular wear and tear that happens with the use and increasing age of the car, some can be avoided by improving your driving habits.

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Here are some bad driving habits that can damage your vehicle and reduce its life span:

1. Not Slowing Down On Speed Bumps

Speed bumps are made on roads for a reason – to slow down the traffic. Not reducing the speed of your car on speed bumps or potholes is not only damaging to the vehicle, but also poses safety risks.

Driving over speed bumps at a fast speed can damage the tires, suspension, and exhaust of your vehicle, to say the least.

2. Driving Aggressively

Are you one of those people who push the accelerator hard every time you are near a traffic signal so you can pass it before it gets closed? You must have had some unsuccessful instances too.

Remember the times when you had to press the brakes equally hard to come to a fast stop because you couldn’t make through the traffic light?

Every time you did this, you actually damaged your car brakes a bit. Abrupt braking can speed up the wear and tear of the brakes.

3. Driving On an Empty Tank

Let’s face it – this is one of the things that we know is wrong, but we still do it quite often. Sometimes, we do not notice the fuel level while other times we just feel too lazy to go to the gas station and try to delay it as much possible.

No matter what your reason is, driving on an empty tank is simply damaging for your vehicle.

Even though there is still enough fuel that your car can easily run a few more miles after the fuel light comes on, this should be avoided at all cost.

When the fuel level reaches the minimum level, you fuel pump can suck in air and dirt, which then will create heat and can clog the pump. It also causes premature wear and tear and can lead to the failure of fuel pump.

If you do this quite often, know that you are causing serious damage to your car and should be ready for an expensive repair or replacement. But, as they say it happens to the best of us – everyone can make mistakes and can fail to notice the reducing fuel level. So, it is better to be prepared for such roadside emergencies.

The next time you see the fuel light coming on, pull off the car to the roadside and call a fuel delivery service. This may not look like the best solution to many people, but if you calculate the risks you are exposing your vehicle to by driving it on empty, it is worth waiting for the fuel delivery service on the road and paying a few extra bucks.

Bottom Line

If you are like most people, you must have been guilty of making these common driving mistakes, at least once in your life. But, make sure you don’t repeat them ever again, since now that you know they are not as harmless as they seem to be.

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While many car problems are the result of regular wear and tear that happens with the use and increasing age, some can be avoided by improving your driving habits. The article highlights some common driving mistakes that most of us have been guilty of making, at least once.